"Study of Bones"

Our Fledgling Prose Contest Winner

"We got knocked off our feet and onto our asses. We also learned how to make our opponents fall over. The theory behind this was simple—their soft spot plus your hard spot. Wrap your arms around them. Don’t let go until you’re both on the ground. One of the fastest ways to regain your feet is to push off your opponent’s prone body. Not only is this entirely legal, it’s encouraged.

Caroline and I met on the rugby pitch. She was the first person I fell well and truly in love with. She cracked me open."

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Interview with Rae DelBianco

"I held fast through over fifty publishing rejections before Rough Animals found its home with Arcade.  And it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t given the New York fashion world a good joke."

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"How to Smile" 

"But I’d rather be dark. I’d rather press a flame into a smooth, plutonic stone. I’d rather hold that stone inside me, so that upon my dissection, my hysteria can be classified, rolled around in the hand like a single tooth. I’d rather string the roots of my teeth around my neck, so that upon the request of a smile, I am nothing but tongue."

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