What do we do?

Pigeon Pages is a literary space where emerging and established writers from all backgrounds are encouraged to nest together. We seek to champion voices that are not always allowed to sing loudly.

Pigeon Pages is a literary journal that grew organically from the reading series, Pigeon Pages NYC. Pigeon Pages publishes prose online, and Pigeon Pages NYC showcases local writers monthly in Brooklyn. The reading series and literary journal naturally support each other. The reading series acts as a physical space to host our diverse writers, and the online literary journal is a supportive platform accessible anywhere and to all.

We believe that writing should come from a place of joy and creativity, not a desire to preen. We have a heartbeat, and we are proud of the eggs we hatch.

Welcome to the nest.

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Questions? Please visit our FAQ page, and if you're still flying blind, email us at pigeonpagesnyc [at] gmail.com