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Aubrey Nolan, Art Editor

Madeleine Mori, Poetry Editor

Claire Agnes, Contributing Editor

Amanda Claire Buckley, Contributing Editor

Karinya Ghiara, Editorial Assistant

Hannah Silverman, Editorial Assistant

Kat Rejsek, Poetry Assistant Editor

Emily Brout, Promotions Assistant

Elliott Sky Case, Reader

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Lindsay Comstock, Founding Art Editor

Alyssa Matesic Co-Founding Editor


Friends of the Nest: Debra Gerstner and Nancy DiNardo

Alisson Wood is a writer and professor of Creative Writing for undergraduates at her alma mater, NYU. Her memoir, Being Lolita, is forthcoming from Flatiron Books/MacMillan. You can find her online @literaryTSwift and She has always appreciated pigeons, and thinks they are a very underrated bird.

Ashley Lopez is an agent at Waxman Literary Agency and the rights manager for Diversion Books. She received her MFA in Creative Writing from Sarah Lawrence College, and you can find her on relevant social media @a_la_ash. She has little practical experience with pigeons or birds of any persuasion but considers Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird to be life-changing.

Aubrey Nolan is a cartoonist and illustrator based in Brooklyn. Her work has been featured in The New Yorker's Daily Shouts, The Huffington PostThe NibSpiralbound, and The Rumpus, and she is one of the hosts of Panels to the People, a reading series for cartoonists featured in Time Out. You can find her on Instagram at @itsaubreynotaudrey. Regarding pigeons: admits that she can be a little impatient with them when they are just kind of strolling across the sidewalk with no regard for her busy schedule, but vows to be more respectful of them going forward, and frankly, she could take a page out of their book and be a bit more chill.   

Madeleine Mori is a Japanese-American poet originally from San Francisco. She has a bachelor’s degree in winemaking from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and an MFA from NYU, where she served as a poetry editor of Washington Square Review. She also currently serves as the Guest Poetry Editor at Apercus. You can find her on Instagram at @sincerelyellecohen and on her website Her favorite winged line of poetry comes from Brigit Pegeen Kelly’s poem “Of Royal Issue:” “the bird of the blood brightening / as it calls and calls for its mate.”

Claire Agnes is a Pushcart-nominated writer of fiction and memoir originally from a small horse farm in Pennsylvania, where barn swallows made their homes in her rafters. The daughter of a blacksmith and a veterinarian, she shared her nursery with a six-foot boa constrictor named Larry and a blue macaw named Henry. She was the recipient of the Rowan Award for Women Writers, winner of the 2018 Adrift Short Story Contest, and a finalist in Narrative's Under 30 Contest. She is a former Stone Court Writer-in-Residence, Global Research Fellow in Prague, and shaman's apprentice in Iquitos. She serves as curator for the KGB Emerging Writers Reading Series in Manhattan and an assistant fiction editor for Washington Square Review. She currently lives in Brooklyn, where she pursues her passions as a dedicated cat mom, occasional drag king, MFA candidate, professor of creative writing at New York University, and frequent feeder of stray animals in her neighborhood. 

Amanda Claire Buckley is currently pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing at Sarah Lawrence College. She is a known troubadour and has presented work at festivals across the United States and internationally. She received the National Storytelling Network's Next Generation Scholarship in 2015. You can find her online @aclairebuckley. She once owned a cockatiel named Carrie. Carrie fell in love with a parakeet who lived in a cage next to hers. Spurred by nothing but passion, Carrie started laying defunct eggs. Isn't that amazing?

Kat Rejsek is a poet, musician, and filmmaker hailing from Chicago. She is currently an MFA candidate in Poetry at New York University, and earned her BA in Creative Writing and Film with a minor in Music from Coe College. You can find her on Instagram at @letsgetadog and on Twitter at @letspetadog. Her ultimate goal is to become her childhood hero, Pigeon Man, and fly towards the sun.

Emily Brout is a writer living in NYC. She likes taking photos of people for fun, especially writers, Trader Joe's cinnamon spice oatmeal, and hugs. She once found a robins egg on the playground under the monkey bars, hid It in her parents’ closet, and waited for it to hatch for several months until it smelled weird.

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