"You reached for his hand. It felt good, so you squeezed it. You’d held hands with other boys before, but only too-eager white boys who paid for your movie ticket with their parents’ money, never someone like this boy, so respectful, who wouldn’t try to touch you."

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"My son was born a month early. When I asked the doctor if he thought the stress of Lilith’s disappearance was the cause he shrugged, saying people are always mistaking correlation with causation. Sometimes we can’t find the reason for the way things happen." 

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Interview with Annie DeWitt

'Write great sentences. Revise like hell. Be fearless. Don't let the industry tame you.'

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Interview with Rae DelBianco

"I held fast through over fifty publishing rejections before Rough Animals found its home with Arcade.  And it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t given the New York fashion world a good joke."

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"How to Smile" 

"But I’d rather be dark. I’d rather press a flame into a smooth, plutonic stone. I’d rather hold that stone inside me, so that upon my dissection, my hysteria can be classified, rolled around in the hand like a single tooth. I’d rather string the roots of my teeth around my neck, so that upon the request of a smile, I am nothing but tongue."

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