“Hot Honey”

"It was ready when the line stayed on the back of the spoon.The honey rushed over the memory of my finger and coated the spoon. I shook my head "no.’"

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Morgan Jerkins

“Don't ask for permission.
Write the stories you want to write.”

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“Las Locas”

"Everyone around me was convinced they’d gotten me back. It only made me wonder if they’d known me to begin with."

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“There’s a name for what we’re feeling—’empty arms syndrome.’ I wish I had something more concrete to show for it, like plaster casts. Something that people, even strangers in street, could point to. Perhaps they’d ask, What happened? and I could say, I hurt myself.”
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Interview with
Hannah Tinti

“When you start out, getting published is everything. But once you’ve been through it, the goal posts move, and then they move again, and you start to realize that what is more important is the community you find along the way, and always, always the process—capturing something true with your words and that feeling of connection it brings to your life.”

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