Interview with
Matthew Lansburgh

“Never give up. It sounds corny, but it really is true. It seems to me that people who find publishing success are usually the people who seek out honest feedback, listen to criticism, and are willing to revise their work—no matter how long and arduous the process is.”

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“Left Hand Free”

2018 Essay Contest Honorable Mention

“And there was the unlikely hero in the background: alt-J, barely even perceptible after a while, but still, somehow, relevant to everything. Like your first language. Like your first love.”

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Two Poems by Anis Mojgani

my heart a lump
covering an animal 
whose cry I do not recognize
-from “The heart a lump”

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Announcing the winner of the 2018 Essay Contest,
judged by Garrard Conley

“Missing, Not Dead”

“We were all remembering and learning, as if for the first time, how it hurts to love anyone.”

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