The Art of Prose Contest Results!

We're thrilled to announce the results of our Art of Prose Contest judged by Katie Kitamura:

First Place: 

"Like Everyone Else" by Nicole Beckley
Read Nicole Beckley's winning story here.

Honorable Mentions: 

"Something Like Drowning" by Alexa Brahme
"Please Help Yourself" by Lindsay Lynch

Thank you to all who submitted!

"We Can't Explain"

"In the photo, as it’s turned out, I am a little too casually dressed: jeans and this plain linen shirt. Short hair unkempt. A better daughter would be better prepared and would not show up late."

Read more of Kate Doyle's story here

"I posted to Facebook, 'I know there are bigger problems in our country right now but there is a bird in the walls of my house.' And because all of my Facebook friends are writers, every comment was a variation on, 'It's a metaphor! You have to write about it!' And now I'm writing a novel in which there is a bird stuck in a house."

Read more from our mini-interview with Leigh Stein here

"A Minor Incident"

"I stood beside the stroller and growled—a customary warning—any time someone walked too close to it. Not everyone understands warnings."

Read more of Marisa Crane's story here.

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 12.36.31 PM.png

Midge Stories
from AWP 2018

Our pigeon mascot Midge had tons of fun at AWP and made so many writer friends! 

Read what Sophie Ouellette-Howitz (Fledgling Prose Contest winner!), Rachel Lyon (author of Self-Portrait with Boy), M'Bilia Meekers (LSU Press), Melissa Ragsley (A Public Space), and Brandon Taylor (Electric Literature) had to say about her here