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Interview with
Paul Lisicky

“Find five writers whose work you really love and read every single thing by them, their books, their interviews and essays. Obviously, it’s important to read widely, but maybe it’s even more important to revisit your core books, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph.”

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“White Elephant”

“Any edge left in his life was the kind that bruised hip bones and required foam bumpers. There were periods I could have fronted him more than I gave so that he wouldn’t have to ask as often, but I never did.”

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“Rupture” and
“What Brave Precaution”
by Ryan Dzelzkalns

“My teeth have gone soft
in all my dreams; whatever I catch, I cannot kill.”

-from “Rupture”

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“A Chase Scene”

"Leaving town, at least this town, meant that you sacrificed whatever story you had."

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