"Write every day. Even if all you get down is a paragraph, or a few sentences. Writing is a lot of things—a struggle, a joy, a pain in the butt, a way to represent the world, a way to represent ourselves, a form of communication, a form of transcendence—but, first and foremost, it is a discipline."


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"It might be contradictory, but: be active in your literary community, but also don’t let emotional labor overwhelm you."  

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"A Minor Incident"

"I stood beside the stroller and growled—a customary warning—any time someone walked too close to it. Not everyone understands warnings."


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"The antlers angled around her ears so that her hearing seemed more attuned to the world around her. She could pick up the hushed chatter in the room, which was all about her."


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"It’s always exciting to have people react to those books with total immediacy, when I stopped dealing with them or thinking about them years ago."


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Midge Stories
from AWP 2018

Our pigeon mascot Midge had tons of fun at AWP and made so many writer friends! 

Read what Sophie Ouellette-Howitz (Fledgling Prose Contest winner!), Rachel Lyon (author of Self-Portrait with Boy), M'Bilia Meekers (LSU Press), Melissa Ragsley (A Public Space), and Brandon Taylor (Electric Literature) had to say about her here

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