Dead Girl, Developing

Winner of the 2019
Fiction Contest

“I saved up sparks. I stored insults from the bridge girls, every leering face of every unzipped man on the bus. If you’d put a bulb in my hand I could have lit it up. And when I’d had enough for both of us, I exploded.”

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Pigeon Pages Interview
with Lisa Marie Basile

“Oh, just write and write and write. And read and read and listen. You will be rejected a lot (we all were). But you will be embraced, too.”

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Pigeon Pages Interview
with Diannely Antigua

“Stay true to your voice, lovelies. The right readers will find you.”

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Poems by
Madeleine Barnes
& Jeremy Radin

“I couldn’t blame the heat for its brutal rise, for melting every trace of ice. The fires felt right.”
-from “New York in June” by Madeleine Barnes

“My lover’s genitals are an orchard; my genitals, rain—no need to be uncomfortable; move closer to the poem.”
-from “Village” by Jeremy Radin

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