Interview with Nicole Haroutunian

“Make sure you have friends who are writers. When you spend hours alone deleting everything you wrote the day before, it’s really helpful to be able to check in with someone who understands that that’s progress.”

Read more from our interview with our Sunday reader, at PowerHouse Arena in NYC, Nicole Haroutunian.

Announcing the winner of our 2018 Flash Contest, “The Natural Mother of the Child”

“You want to make me, your children’s father, feel better, so you buy me a hot coffee, load the kids all into a single cart, and insist that you steer.” 

Read more from the winner of our Flash Contest, judged by Alexander Chee, by Krys Belc.

Interview with Genevieve Hudson

“My writing teacher in college once brought to class a moving box filled with slips of rejection letters he’d collected over the decades. He dumped the rejections out onto the floor in front of his desk. I’ll never forget that moment. He said: writing is hard. Many people will say no to you. If you want it bad enough, you keep writing anyway.”

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 "Back from the War"

"Each Sunday we visited, one of us would ask if he’d been taking his pills and he would answer by opening his arms and standing so the light from the window held him. He would say, 'This is just like the time right after I got back from the WAR,' so that 'WAR' bounced from the walls and the couches and landed on the cushions next to us."

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