Two Poems
Kyle Carrero Lopez

“My worn down innards / cave in on themselves, / and beyond them, same time: / my people blow apart /
like blackberries, / stomped / Image is insufficient”
from “Blackberry the Masses”

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Mind Quarters

“I lived in constant fights with the house. I was forcing it little by little to be something it was not.”

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Poems by
Aria Aber
& Nathan McClain

"I can't recall how my new life began, that first September, / when the diagnosis chafed my knees. / Was I in grief or prayer?"
-from “Stone” by Aria Aber

 “all/ that’s left/ the frame, / everything already / in the past /tense, even us, “
-from “Love Elegy with Sunoco” by Nathan McClain

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We Love You, Francie

“Francie settles before Sonny’s face, inspects his laughing mouth, his loving eyes. If she had a head she’d be light-headed. If she had a mouth she’d say, What are you laughing at? What do you know about my only boy that I can’t know?”

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