Pigeon Pages Interview
with Laura Sims

“Welcome rejection, or at least learn to live with it, because it is never-ending in the writer’s life. That sounds depressing, I know, but really if you can accept that rejection is simply part of the writing life, you can dilute the power it has over you.”

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“Things We Drowned In the Rain Barrel”

"You must be willing to sting and bite. You must carry a living victim down into the lair and make a sacrifice to love. This and many other things we could teach you, if we became your mothers."

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“Too Me Again”

"I don’t know how many years it took to stop hiding / behind the right way of saying, and just say, plant // the stick in the ground and claim this language / like land.”

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“Love Poem From A Small-Town Minnesota Gas Station”

"Praise, praise, to the great store clerk in the sky! // For I was hungry, and he said, 'try the cheese curds.’ ”

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