Exit Signs

"We learn to categorize ourselves by where we were when it happened. The kids in Mr. Landry’s class, where it all started, are given a wide berth, like war heroes or celebrities. Solemn respect is given, also, to the 10th grade choir, practicing in the adjacent auditorium when the notes of the piano were punctuated by a sound they thought at first was firecrackers, an explosion from the chem lab a floor above, some other,
more logical thing."

Read "Exit Signs" by Madison Dettlinger here.

Interview with
Lilly Dancyger

“I love thinking about women, and especially girls, reading it and realizing that they’ve been holding in anger that they don’t have to keep to themselves anymore.”

Read more from our interview with Lilly Dancyger here, and join her tonight at our October reading at McNally Jackson Books in Brooklyn!

Two Poems by Matthew Rohrer

“It is a secret joy / to be perceived as less / just taking up your own space / not projecting yourself out”
-from “This Home is the Light”

Read “This Home is the Light” and “A Mundane Hideout” by Matthew Rohrer here.

Carry Your Own

“You don’t want to put too much of your luck into one horse,” he used to tell me. “Luckily, these crabs is cheaper than horses.”

Read our 2019 Flash Contest Honorable Mention,
“Carry Your Own”, chosen by RO Kwon.